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Create a cost-effective moving billboard with a commercial wrap or fleet wrap offered by Wake Graphics! Our high quality, high-resolution vehicle and fleet wraps deliver excellent marketing exposure. Ever wanted to own your own billboard? We can turn your vehicle or vehicle fleet into mobile billboards that carry your company message to thousands of potential customers. Less than the cost of a static billboard. Commercial wraps and graphics are fast becoming a reasonable and efficient alternative to traditional advertising. Commercial wraps are an affordable solution for businesses that do not want to spend mega cash on television and radio commercials or even monthly billboard advertising campaigns which could become quite expensive. Fleet wraps and graphics turn your fleet, van, or box truck into a moving billboard exclusively for your business. With an eye-catching design and detailed messaging, a vehicle wrap gives brand exposure to thousands of potential customers, whether you’re driving on the highway or parking in areas with heavy foot traffic. Wherever you drive or wherever you park your vehicle becomes your advertising space. One way to reduce your marketing costs is by reconsidering your advertising methods.

When it comes to brand exposure, the use of the van wrap advertising is possibly the most effective way to market your company’s products or services by showcasing your domain name, specials and or portfolio images of projects you’ve completed. The advantages of commercial wraps such as those used on vans and service fleets far outweigh those of traditional advertising methods like billboards, radio, television, and print media. Simply put, van wraps are colorful, affordable, digitally printed durable vinyl graphics that double as protective laminate that can be use to protect your fleet and also advertise that growing business of yours.

While other advertising methods will only last for a short period of time, those that are found on vehicles can last for a long time, provided that they are maintained properly. Normally, you can expect your fleet graphics to last for 5 years. Now, that is quite a long time considering the multitude of advantages that you will enjoy during this period. Therefore, this is truly the most cost-effective way to advertise your business and get noticed by millions of potential customers annually.