Boat Wraps

Set yourself apart from the crowd with a fresh and clean boat wrap!  We’ve been designing, printing, shipping and installing custom wraps all over the world for 10 years.   We can wrap any year, make or model.  What’s your style?  Lets chat about it.


 Vehicle Wraps

Stylize while protecting your investment with one of our vehicle wraps.  The results can not be underestimated.  Are you a sports car enthusiast looking to change your vehicle color? We can help! Black out kits, color change and graphics wraps. All under one roof.


 Ceramic Coating

Are you wanting more out of your marine vessel?  Are you tired of all the maintenance?   Well we’ve heard your cry and have decided to setup a ceramic coating division at our company.  Get your fleet of boats protected from barnacles and sea muscles.  Setup some time to chat with our experts.



Have you heard of the NEW metallic, reflective or translucent printable film from 3M?   What about the New laminates like satin, matte or metallic that can really finish off the look of your wrap?  Email us or call us to get educated on the latest films and laminates.


Boat Wrap & Vehicle Wrap Kits designed, printed and shipped by Wake Graphics.

Wake Graphics is a vinyl wraps and graphics company that specializes in every aspect of the wrap process from design, to print, to ship and even the wrap installation. We are a specialty wrap and vinyl company that totally understands what is involved in getting your boat wrap, yacht wrap, truck wrap, and/or car wrap within budget, to your design specifications, and in a timely manner.  Our printed boat wraps and other wraps are all digitally printed with solvent-based exterior-grade and UV-resistant inks. Also, all of our wrap kits are laminated with a 3M over-laminate  clear product for extra protection so that your wrap kit can last for many years to come.  Here at we pride ourselves with rich quality prints and super saturated colors for vibrant showroom finish.   Ninety percent of all of our printed wraps are printed on 3M material.  Sure it can be done with cheaper stuff, but the cheaper stuff is known to fail.  It’s quality that’s most important.  If we’re not using it on our own personal vehicles or boats then why would we want it use it on our client’s vehicles?

Our wraps are conformable and removable and a good installation ensures that your vehicle and/or boat will look good for years to come. Simply remove the wrap when your company brand changes it’s main marketing message or simply when you get bored of those graphics. We now offer non-printed solid wraps and/or textured vinyl wraps like the Chrome, Matte, Satin, Pearl, Wood Grain, Alligator and Candy Wrap Films. We also carry an array of solid wrap materials from 3M™, Avery™, Arlon™ and Hexis™ to meet the demanding need for creativity in the wrap world when it comes to color changes.

Printing and Shipping 3M Vinyl Wrap Kits WorldWide

We’ve been printing and shipping wrap kits all over the world for the last 8 years and in the last 8 years we’ve never had a boat wrap that didn’t fit.  Every single wrap project we take on is a custom one off project. We have to get photos, then create a guide of what we need to measure.  We design, print samples and make sure our clients love the colors and graphics prior to printing the full scale version of the wrap kit.   Then we let the vinyl outgas for a few days, laminate and ship.

What’s a color change you might be asking yourself?

Simply put it is changing the color of your vehicle, boat or yacht without having to use paint. Color changing is done with solid and textured color vinyls as opposed to printed vinyl graphics.

In the vinyl world we like to say “Paint Is Dead”. The more options we have for you to choose from the better we can serve you! It’s crazy what we are able to do with vinyl and there is no doubt in our minds that wrapping in vinyl for both business and pleasure is here to stay. Wondering where we might start? Our freshly updated website will educate and guide you through purchasing your wrap.