Vehicle Wrap, Jeep Wrap & Car Wrap Kits

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Within the last few years vehicle wraps have really given the average Joe and Not so average Joe the freedom to change their vehicle without having to pay painting PRICES. Increase brand recognition and increase business traffic by having Wake Graphics design, print and install your next vehicle wrap. Whether you are a client who is a small business owner looking to advertise your business or a sports car enthusiast looking to change the appearance of your vehicle you have come to the right place. The design possibilities are endless and there is a growing and growing amount of different colored vinyls offered by 3M and Avery and other different types of laminates that allow us really get creative with the layering of substrates to create cool patterns and depth.

What’s your taste? Are you looking for that matte blue finish or that wild chrome wrap? Either way we think you’re getting what we’re putting out. You’re in good hands when it comes to your car wrapping needs. We will also educate you through the whole wrap process so that there is no gray area and you know exactly what is involved from start to finish. No job is too small or too big. Our experienced team of installers worldwide (give us a call and we can let you know who we have in your area) have been known to install wraps that are worthy of a quality car show finishes. Car, jeep and truck wraps allow you the freedom to change the appearance of your ride without the headache of stripping, taping, overspray and all other things that go hand and hand with painting a vehicle. Your car will look better than painted with a custom wrap by Wake Graphics.

When you’re ready to sell the vehicle, either sell the vehicle with the wrap or have a professional remove the wrap. Wrap removal can be normally finished within about half a day or less depending on if the mirrors and the door handles were removed during installation. Another cool thing about wraps is that no glue residue if left behind after removing the wrap. Also, keep in mind that your vehicle is actually protected against weather elements while it’s wrapped. Protect your car, truck, and jeep for years to come while driving with a kick butt wrap!

General Vehicle Wrap Pricing

Small Cars Start at

$1000.00 + Installation

Medium Size Sedans Start at

$1450.00 + Installation

Sports Coupes Start at

$1650.00 + Installation

Super Sports Start at

$1900.00 + Installation

Large Sedans Start at

$2100.00 + Installation

4 Door Trucks Start at

$2000.00 + Installation

Installation on Half and Full wraps varies from about $700.00 – $900.00 depending on the 3M certified installer in your area. You can negate this charge if you choose to locate an installer on your own. Please note that Mini wraps can be installed by you (in most cases).

Note: Finding your own Not-3M certified installer negates the one year installation warranty.