A food truck wrap is created to cover your food truck’s body with a 3M Vinyl Decal that covers and bonds to your food trucks existing finish.  The vinyl wraps are made with our large format printers and are then installed carefully to fit your food truck.

Give our consultants a call to chat with us about the three phases of Food Truck Wraps in Texas and Nationwide. We can design, print and ship your food truck wrap anywhere in the world.

Here are the three phases in a Food Truck Wrap Kit Project:

1. Designing that great looking Wrap. – DESIGN

We’ve been in the design industry for more than a decade. Our designers are in house and we spend time with out clients. We truly engage and immerse ourselves in the brand and have a wrap questionnaire that you can download here. Have your logos, slogans and ideas ready because we’re ready to show you a design in Less than 72 hours in most cases.

2. Video Samples, Printing, Laminating and Trimming your Food Truck Wrap Kit – PRODUCTION

Before we print any kit, we like to print samples that are on a smaller scale than the actual wrap, but we can see things like colors, images, etc. We always send these video samples to our clients and can even mail out the samples if the you want to see it and touch the sample in person before we print the full scale version of your wrap. Your food truck wrap graphic is printed and laminated in order to protect the vinyl. The vinyl wrap needs to be laminated in order to protect the wrap against abrasions and UV rays which can fade and erode the wrap over time.
3. Prepping Vehicle and Installing – INSTALLATION

Our certified inhouse installers can apply your food truck wrap kit in house. If you can’t get your vehicle to Lakeway Texas, you have two options.

a. You can fly our crew to you.
b. We can help guide you to locate some local certified installers near you.

Finally, the vinyl wrap is applied and you can get your food truck to work while leaving both a memorable experience with your food, but also with your rise.

Large food trucks can be quite complicated, with their odd-shaped parts and edges. Many wraps come in several pieces, with specials sections cut out to fit perfectly around fenders, rivets, and sometimes windows. Using our professional installers will result in a smooth, sleek looking wrap without bubbles or wrinkles.


There are so many options to choose from when you’re trying to figure out what kind of wrap coverage is in your budget. Food truck wraps can cost anywhere from $2,500 – $5,000 and up depending on the coverage area of the wrap, type of vinyl that we are using, the structure of the vehicle, design and installation.

Being able to turn heads and catch the eyes of customers is very important in the food truck industry. Be unique! Have a powerful design! Turn heads! Create Brand Awareness! It’s what we can help you with. Providing 24/7 advertising has never been easier than when you’re rolling around with one of our food truck wrap kits.

Sounds too pricey? There are some cheaper alternatives.

If a full wrap sounds too expensive, you may want to consider one of our partial wrap packages, in which smaller sections of your truck are wrapped (rather than the entire truck).