All Truck Wrap Designs

It doesn’t matter what year your boat or vehicle is. It doesn’t matter what length your boat or vehicle is, we can wrap it! That’s right. Any make, any year, any length, any time! All our wraps are custom made to fit any boat or any vehicle no matter what. You can change existing themes by either adding/removing images, art elements, changing colors, matching the colors to your current gelcoat (ask for pantone matching) or interior, and many other mods that can make your boat and/or vehicle wrap custom!

Weathered Neptune | STYLE 1 | Truck Wraps


Candy Marble | STYLE 2 | Truck Wraps


Candy Marble | STYLE 1 | Truck Wraps


Metal Plate | STYLE 2 | Truck Wraps


Metal Plate | STYLE 1 | Truck Wraps


La Payasa | STYLE 2 | Truck Wraps


The BITPRO Grid | STYLE 2 | Truck Wraps


The Blue Steel | Style 2 | Truck Wrap


The Blue Steel | Style 1 | Truck Wrap


The Abstract Relief | Style 2


The Abstract Relief | Truck Wraps


Wake Scallops Style 2


Wake Scallops Style 1


Super Doe Joe Style 2


Super Doe Joe Style 1 | Truck Wraps


Simple Splat Style 2 | Truck Wraps


Simple Splat Style 1 | Truck Wrap


Ripping Skull Style 1 | Truck Wraps


Ride Or Die Style 1


Leify Style 1


Geo Scallops Style 1


Captain Clark Style 3


Captain Clark Style 2


Truck Wraps by Wake Graphics


Truck Wraps by Wake Graphics


Truck Wraps by Wake Graphics


Truck Wraps by Wake Graphics


Truck Wraps by Wake Graphics


Truck Wraps by Wake Graphics



Truck Wrap Kits

Please enjoy the truck wrap sections below.  Please call/chat with us online if you have any questions regarding your truck wrap kit.


Are you ready to set your truck apart from all those other trucks cruising down the streets, highways or county roads with a custom wrap offered by WakeGraphics? Are you tired of looking at trucks that look just like yours? For 2015 we have decided to create and design an assortment of Truck Wrap kits that should cater to Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota and Dodge Truck owners out there. We have lots of designs that are sure to hit every age group out there, wether it’s a grungy style kit for the younger and wilder crowd and/or a simpler geometric designs for the tame hearted. Are you looking for a custom one off truck wrap that will not only protect your existing OEM finish but will also add life and excitement to your trucks at an affordable price? We got your covered.

Here are a few reasons why you should wrap you truck!

Resale Value

Truck wraps helps preserve the manufacturer’s original paints, thus keeping the resale value high. Some potential buyers prefer the original paint over exotic colors. Having the option to keep your original color will enable you to keep your resale value intact.


A high quality paint job and/or airbrush job can be pricey and sometimes ranging anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000 dollars while truck wrap kits are only in the range of $1000 – $3000 depending on the design and coverage area. You can get the same effect from a custom wrap as a painted vehicle and also more importantly at a fraction of the cost. Wraps will also last longer and can be removed to preserve your original OEM paint whenever you’re ready to sell your truck. Try doing that with paint or airbrush. The cash you’re saving can be used for other special custom accessories like wheels, tires, lifts, stereo, LED lighting, Bumpers and so forth.

Countless Options

Upon purchasing your truck, you may want something different or possibly unique that is not available in any factory paints. Truck Wraps will allow all of your design fantasies and ideas to come true and to life with one of our eye-popping truck wraps! With hundreds of available colors to choose from and limitless possibilities when it comes to design, it will truly make your Truck stand out and your one off custom design will making you one of a kind. And the best thing about wrapping your truck is that when you grew tired of your old design, have us remove it, choose a new color and have it wrapped with a new design or go back to OEM Paint.

Installation Time

When choosing a new paint for your truck you are allowing yourself to be without any transportation for at least 2 weeks. Unlike in truck wraps, we could have your truck customized in just 2 days and ready to be picked back up!

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your custom paint job or even a regular paint job can be daunting task. You have to wax it atleast once a month to keep it in its top condition and we all know how hard it is to wax your truck. Truck wraps are really easy to maintain, it just requires a soap and water to make it look like brand new!

So what are you waiting for? Call us now so we could make your truck unique and truly one of a kind!