Vinyl Wrap Films, Textures and Laminates

We offer more than just boat and vehicle wraps.  We offer an experience! An experience to mix and match different vinyl wrap films, textures and laminates to create a custom work of art. For instance for graphic wraps, we offer printable films like reflective, metallic, translucent and white opaque. For laminates we offer high gloss, matte, satin and even sparkle laminates. Imagine being able to mix and match substrates (vinyl and laminates) to create some pretty nice custom wraps. If you’re interested in any of the following services just fill out the quote page, call or chat with us online. There is always a wrap expert available to answer your questions regarding specialty wrap kits below.

Wake Graphics – A premier vinyl wrap company that caters to clients all over the United States and all over the World. We take pride in our work and with the materials we use for different types of projects. Within the last few years the wrap market has just blown up and while before we were only able to offer a select few textures and materials, now our selections are endless. It’s important to note that at, we exclusively use 3M, Avery and others when it comes to the type of vinyl that we can use to wrap your car, truck or boat. As an innovator of vinyl wraps & graphics, our vendors continue to offer more and more cool textures and materials.

There are two main vinyl types we use, Cast Vinyl and Calendared Vinyl. Calendared is basically used for posters and wall graphics. It has excellent performance on flat, simple and moderate curves. It is less heat-resistant causing it to shrink a bit overtime compared to the cast vinyl so it is not recommended for vehicles since it spends their time under the sun. We have taken projects that used this type of vinyl but if you are looking to wrap your car, truck or boat, the cast vinyl is what we’ll need. The term “cast” refers to the manufacture of this type of vinyl. Cast Vinyl is created using a process that makes it more durable and stronger than calendared vinyl so it doesn’t shrink, stretched or distorted on installation. Its durability makes it easier to install and remove without causing and damage to your vehicle’s paint job. This is where we excel at because 99% of our clients wants boat wraps, truck wraps, car wraps and other vehicle wraps that need the extra durability. Look great but always protect your investment with one of our wraps.

Color Changes include – Matte, Chrome, Candy, Pearl, Gun Metal, Brushed Metals and Camo to name of few and the solid colors are endless by Avery, Arlon, Hexis, 3M and many more…
Color Graphics include – Printed Matte, Printed Chrome and Printed Wraps only our trusted 3M180C and the graphic possibilities are endless. Don’t forget that your printed substrates normally needed to be laminated so that your wrap inks last even longer.

We have certified installers who can work with any type of material the market can offer. We use 3M for all printed wraps and for solid colors we have a variety of materials we could use from Avery, Arlon, Hexis and also 3M. Our experts can educate you more on the process and help you make the best decision for your needs.