Camo Wraps

Love the outdoors? Let’s take it to another level! Wake Graphics Camo Wraps is the one for you. This will totally turn heads and at the same time a camo wrap can blend in with the environment on every hunting trips you take. In addition to this, once hunting season is over we can easily remove the camo wrap and go back to your regular paint job or we can design something new for your vehicle.

Want to show your support to our troops? We can also help! Our design team can also create a custom camo wrap that would fit any type of vehicle. Want to have a custom Delta Force Camo Design on your vehicle? We can create a camouflage that mimics the latest the US troops use for less money.

In addition to pimping out your vehicle with a custom Camo Wrap, the wrap also help protect your ride’s paint job. We only use 3m™ vinyl wrap, which over the years has proved that they provide the highest quality in printed vinyls. Our wraps may it be the Camo or any other wrap offers protection and greatly reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle.

Contact us anytime, our experts can educate you and give you more information about custom camo wraps for your truck, boat, and any vehicle.