Chrome Vinyl Wraps

Avery Dennison’s Conform Chrome Film adds that special touch to bring out a noticeable shine to your vehicle. A more affordable way to achieve that mirror-like finish giving a true chrome look. It is easy to apply with its conformability, making mirrors or raised features on the vehicle easier to work with.

This high-quality one-layer film will not delaminate under external conditions unlike any other Flexible Chrome Wrap Vinyl Films available.Vehicle installers are provided with the Easy Apply Bubble free RS features of this film allowing for slideability of the wrap and a bubble-free application which saves valuable installation time, money and effort.

The Avery Dennison’s Conform Chrome Film comes in a variety of colors, patterns and textures that will suit your need. We have different colors available from silver chrome, red chrome, and blue chrome as well as black. An easy-to-follow Application Guide is available to make your detailing experience a breeze.

Within recent months, WakeGraphics started printing on chrome for certain applications. Although it is 3 times more expensive than other wraps, you are guaranteed with high quality vinyl we use for our wraps. Note that you need to contact vehicle installers, not vehicle detailers. Please give us a call for an estimate on chrome wraps. Just a friendly reminder WakeGraphics does not warranty printing on chrome. Not yet at least. 😉