All Wrap Designs

It doesn’t matter what year your boat or vehicle is. It doesn’t matter what length your boat or vehicle is, we can wrap it! That’s right. Any make, any year, any length, any time! All our wraps are custom made to fit any boat or any vehicle no matter what. You can change existing themes by either adding/removing images, art elements, changing colors, matching the colors to your current gelcoat (ask for pantone matching) or interior, and many other mods that can make your boat and/or vehicle wrap custom!

Bit Map Camo Boat Wrap


Geo Flight Boat Wrap


The Show Gun Camo Boat Wraps


The Cali Surfer Boat Wrap


The Kiss of Death


The Tipsy Boat Wrap


The Tattoo 2.0 – Signature Series


The Weathered Warrior


The Culture Shock


The Doo Challenge


The Praying Aztec


Snake-ify 1 – Signature Series


The Hennya 1 – Signature Series


The Nautique Warrior


The Glorified Stripes