Marine Vinyl Graphics – What Are Mini Wraps?

tige-grunge-gp-300x157We understand that with today’s economy we’re all saving our pennies so we’ve created smaller graphic packages that we’re calling “mini wraps”. These mini wraps are smaller which makes the installation easy for anyone. We’re going to work on a few videos to show the user how to install the mini wraps, but for now please reference the installation instructions. Use the wrap builder to see how the mini wrap will look on the vehicle or boat of your choice. Upload a side profile view and get to superimposing our sick graphics on the image you upload instantly. Click here for the Wrap Builder | Wrap Designer

Mini Wraps are printed on the same material as our regular Full & Half wraps.

1. Mini Wrap
2. Squeegee
3. Razor Blade/Cutting knife
4. Installation Instructions