Boat and Vehicle Wraps:

There are four ways to get a wrap kit for your boat or vehicle from WakeGraphics:

United States Wraps (US)

1. Trailer your boat or vehicle to Austin, Texas and we can do the wrap install here at our shop. We will most likely need a day and a half. *Warranty.

2. We also have nationwide & worldwide installers that can perform the boat or vehicle wrap install at their shop. You will be required to drive your boat to the installers location unless you arrange with the installers to come to you. *Warranty

3. Purchase the wrap kit directly from us and opt out to using your own installer.

Non-United States and Overseas

4. Purchase the wrap kit directly from us and you will be required to locate your own installer. *Warranty is only valid if your wrap kit is installed by a 3M, PDAA or Fellers Certified Installer. Shipping fees will be accrued on overseas orders.

*Warranty : Includes one year “installation” warranty & a four year “media” warranty. Media warranty includes fading or cracking.


Are you looking to purchase your boat wrap or vehicle wrap and don’t know where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place.
For Boats: First things first, are you wanting to cover the entire boat? Well you might be leaning towards a full wrap then. Are you looking to only do a certain area of your boat? Well then maybe half wrap is what you’re leaning towards. Select Option 1 – 8 from Figure. 1.For Trucks/Cars/Vans: How much of your Truck/Van/Car are you wanting to cover with the wrap. Things that affect pricing are things like perforated window wrap. Perforated window wrap can be applied to the back windows and is legal in most states, but please check with your local state for laws in your area. Are you wanting to wrap the hood and roof? These are the types of questions that would help dictate how much coverage area we are covering with the vehicle wrap. The more vinyl the more it will cost. We can design a wrap so that we can keep your cost down by not wrapping the roof in most cases. This is why calling us and sending us more information than not enough is crucial.

Submit the quote request and also email us two photos of your boat or vehicle. It always helps better gauge the complexity of the project and or make recommendations when we can see what we are working with . These pictures will be used for the following:1. We can use these photos to mockup a template design so that you can see what your boat or vehicle will look like with one of our wraps. *Only one Free template overlay per client.

2. We can use these photos to also create a template of your boat or vehicle. If we don’t already have your template in house we will be required to create one for you. You will be required to fill in a measurements sheet which we will then use to create a template of your boat, vehicle or other surface area that you need wrapped.

3. We can use these photos to mockup your boat or vehicle with a custom design if you so choose to go the custom design route.



In order to get started we require a 1st Payment. Please send $500.00 via paypal and reference your paypal receipt and we will start working on your template and mockup (designs if you’re not choosing a template design). You don’t have paypal? No worries, there is link on the paypal website that allows you to enter your credit card information.
That simple!
There is a good chance that we don’t have your boat or vehicle template already created. You will be required to fill in a measurements sheet that we will provide from the images you provide us in step 3.
Choose from one of our many templates. We do not charge extra for pre-designed wraps. Our custom design rate hourly rate is $90.00/hour on non pre-designed wraps. Pre-Designed Wraps Here We will always try to cap out our hourly design hours at 5 hours in most cases. Are you interested in seeing what your boat will look like with the graphic of your choice? Maybe you should check out the wrap builder-designer. The “wrap builder-designer” allows you to upload a side profile picture of your boat, select a graphic of your choice, and the wrap builder will help you visualize what your graphics will look like without getting our designers involved.
Custom Wrap?
A design rate of $90.00/hour will be charged and most designs will be capped out at 5 hours for custom design wraps. Please make a deposit and lets get this started.
Click here to select boat wrap designs
All open invoices must be paid before any material is shipped or installed.
Finalize and make any last changes to the design.
Ship, Print and Install.
Updated Invoices reflecting a zero balance are emailed to you for your records.